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      Introduction Organization Structure Expert Committee Contact Us
      Contact Us

      The Secretariat is the permanent office of CCEA. Its main responsibilities are to implement the resolutions and decisions adopted by General Membership Meeting, Board of Directors, Executive Board of Directors, and the President's office, and to be responsible for the daily affairs.

      The Secretariat consists of seven departments, including General Department, Financial Department, Membership Department, Discipline Department, Standards Department, Development Department and Education Department.

      Address: 7th Floor, Building 2, No. 22, Baiwanzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

      Postal code: 100037

      1. General Department

      Responsible for the secretariat's general affairs, “Construction Cost Management” journal, websites and industry information development.

      Tel for General affairs: 010-68331163

      Tel for Information development: 010-68331610, 010-68331182

      Tel for“Construction Cost Management” journal: 010-68331292

      2. Financial Department

      Responsible for various financial revenues and expenditures, daily accounting, preparation of financial reports, financial supervision and management of branches.

      3. Membership Department

      Responsible for member development, management, service and collection of membership fees, registration and daily management of cost engineers.

      Tel: 010-68331210, 010-68331203

      4. Discipline Department

      Responsible for cost engineering and consulting industry discipline management, integrity system construction, qualification management and others.

      Tel: 010-68331850

      5. Standards Department

      Responsible for foreign affairs, develop internationalization strategy for cost engineering and consulting industry, organize and formulate standards.

      Tel for Standards: 010-68331265

      Tel for Foreign affairs: 010-68331264

      6. Development Department

      Responsible for industry development and academic research.

      Tel: 010-68331105

      7. Education Department

      Responsible for the member's continuing professional education and training.

      Tel: 010-68331282, 010-68331126

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